Ways to improve your omni-channel customer experience

Ishika Dey , 15 days ago, 3 min read

Today’s time crunched customers expects businesses to have a seamless experience across different channels and devices. We at times mobile can help you achieve omni-channel communication platform.

We need to understand that every customer of different and has different preferred channel of communication. E.g. a housewife may prefer communication via calls or SMS while a corporate CEO may never accept call from unknown numbers and may prefer Whatsapp through verified sources.

Retargeting users through different channels

Let us see the case of Mr. Singh. He generally has 9-5pm job and if generally at office basement between 5-6 pm with limited network. SMS sent to him is generally undelivered between this time. By tracking this trend, we may retarget him through Whatsapp. Timesmobile can do this analysis for you using our in house capabilities

Uniformity across all communication channel

Customer retention can increase if they experience similar quality of service across different channels. Thus, our omni-channel communication helps you to align client goals across different modes to deliver a uniform experience 

Big Data analytics to offer realtime recommendations

We use artificial Intelligence to suggest customised offers to users and upselling opportunities. This helps brands to convert a user to a loyal customer

Our omni-channel platforms is what you need to cater to capricious users

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